CNC Machinist: Lathe – Ongoing

Title CNC Machinist: Lathe – Ongoing
Categories Machining
Location Lancaster, CA
Job Summary

Responsible for operating one or more CNC machines to produce parts to company specifications and quality standards.  Responsible for following procedures to mount fixtures, load tools, load programs and makes required control settings and offsets. Changes setups and tooling as specified in program instructions. Positions material, checks machine operation and then machines parts to the specifications provided in engineering documents. Replaces dull or broken tooling as required. Checks own work for conformance to specifications.

Job Information

Core Skills

Growth Mindset

  • Demonstrates learning is a life-long journey
  • Seeks feedback
  • Grows from feedback
  • Learns from problems
  • Challenges the status quo by proposing “a better way”

Effective Communication

  • Creates safe dialogue (pool of meaning)
  • Asks questions
  • Listens
  • Separates fact from story
  • Develops mutual understanding
  • Provides relevant information to others quickly and accurately
  • Maintains confidentiality

Problem Solving (PDSA i.e. Plan, Do, Study, Act)

  • Separates opinion from fact
  • Utilizes theory and data for problem solving
  • Focuses on the root cause, not the symptom
  • Goes an inch wide and a mile deep when problem solving
  • Seeks collaboration (believes two minds are better than one)
  • Understands the difference between common and special cause
  • Separates what must be done well now, and what can be improved later
  • Thinks strategically, and can articulate what you are (and are not) trying to do


  • Takes actions consistent with our values
  • Takes responsibility for results (no blame)
  • Team members can rely on you
  • Self motivated
  • Self disciplined
  • Accepts responsibility for self improvement
  • Appreciates and supports Systems: Policies, Standards, Safety, Quality


  • Treats team members with respect
  • Provides positive reinforcement
  • Contributes ideas
  • Actively participates
  • Fulfills commitments
  • Achievement driven

Position Specific Skills

Work Area A-Level

Maintains a clean and organized work environment. (floors are clean and oil spills/leaks are addressed immediately, chips are removed from machines regularly, machines are wiped down daily, all tools are maintained clean, orderly, and stored on shadowboards). 5S Score:

 Uses time effectively A-Level

Inspects parts during auto cycle. Has next part ready for loading in advance. Uses available time to do additional inspection/tool maintenance. Assist team members when current responsibilities have been completed. Identifies and suggest areas for improvement.

Basic CNC Maintenance A-Level

Verifies and maintains proper coolant levels & concentration. Able to check waylube, hydraulic & spindle oil levels. Able to enter machine downtime request using the touchscreen.

Part Loading A-Level

Able to ensure surfaces are free of chips and load parts in standard fixtures, vise, chucks, qualify fixtures, and perform multi station loading. Can identify a defective fixture via wear, damage, loose pins, and poor part fit on fixture. Has attended B&B’s part loading training course & demonstrated ability to apply all concepts.

Tool Maintenance A-Level

Able to change tools via MDI, visually inspect tool for sharpness, enter tool request/down time, input offsets correctly, indicate drill/reamer/form tool, change inserts, adjust boring bar, tool mounting and tool presetting, follows tool change process with inspection. Monitor carousel for chipped or broken tools and remove chips from cutting tools. Identifies and suggests improvements/adjustments: tool life & cutting tool selections

Inspection Skills A-Level

Able to use and set OD Micrometer, depth micrometer, indicating micrometer, intertest, OD test, Diatest, dial bore, inter micrometer, calipers, height gage, height master, indicators, drop indicators, gage pins, deltronic pins, air gaging, functional gaging, thread gages, comparator, gage blocks, muller gage, indicator/surface plate to inspect flatness, centerline, height, and Vblock inspections. Able to inspect parts for visual defects and required surface finishes. Intermediate understanding of ANSI 14.5 symbology and interpretation. Able to interpret DCC/CMM report. Follows inspection procedures and completes required inspection check lists. Red-tags and initiates NCMR for non-conforming product. Has attended B&B’s GD&T training course & demonstrated ability to apply all concepts.

Work Order Processing A-Level

Able to read & understand job step information, analyze W/C priorities and schedule, WIP move, maintain material lot integrity.  Identifies & communicates work order errors (wrong fixture #s, work centers, nc program #s etc.). Stamps and dates work order per requirements (minimal errors)

Problem Solving Skills A-Level

Understands that a problem or undesired result exists; gathers data and develops corrective/preventive actions (individually or as a group). Ensures the actions are implemented and monitors the process to prevent future problems.

CNC Skills A-Level

Perform re-occurring set-ups, mill vise jaws, bore chuck jaws, understands G & M codes, program up-load/down-load, supervised editing (home number adjustment, tool life & speeds/feeds)


Paid Holidays

Experience and Education
Years of Experience: 5 Years

Type of Experience:5+ Years


Physical Demands – General Activities

Regularly Frequently Occasionally
Sitting  X
Standing  X
Walking  X
Climbing / Balancing  X
Reaching with arms and hands  X
Stooping / Kneeling / Crouching / Crawling  X
Hearing  X
Feeling / Touching  X
Vision – close, peripheral, depth, ability to adjust focus  X

Physical Demands – General Activities

Regularly Frequently Occasionally
Lifting / Moving up to 10 lbs  X
Lifting / Moving up to 25 lbs  X
Lifting / Moving up to 50 lbs  X
Lifting / Moving up to 75 lbs
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